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'93 Cavalier Performance Problems
Tuesday, October 10, 2017 8:42 AM
Hi all. I have a 1993 Cav 4 cyl 2.2. Have owned it for a year now. After buying, I replaced: plugs and wires, alternator, EGR valve, water pump, coolant temp sensor, MAP sensor, and throttle position sensor. Where before, it was running pretty crappily, especially in wet weather (prolly due to bad plug wires), now it runs OK. The weird thing is that it only seems to run AWESOME like it should in cool, wet weather. I'm in the Houston TX area so it's hot and humid a lot. Under those conditions, it is not too quick to accelerate off the line; it often hesitates when accelerating from a standstill; it runs rather noisily with poor power and doesn't shift through the gears at the right speeds. Yes, ABS light comes on too. BUT, in cool, wet weather, all of these symptoms disappear and it runs really smooth and super responsively, and I get a peek at how this car should perform.

I took it to my local Meineke to get the trans oil checked, and they told me the trans fluid was black and sent me to their neighbor tranny shop. The tranny shop told me that the noise was coming from my tranny, suspected a loose chain in the tranny, and quoted me $1000+ for a tranny rebuild job. Then I checked my trans fluid and it is not black, it looks pretty healthy. And, like I said above, the noise goes away in cool, damp weather. I notice that this car typically runs cool--at or below the 1/4 mark on the temp gauge. Sometimes it approaches the halfway mark and the performance/noisy running issues kick in. These things don't always correspond to the ABS lights coming on--I say that b/c I've read about how this kind of problem can be related to bad ABS sensors or pigtails.

Has anybody had a similar issue, or have some insight to share? I'd really like to troubleshoot these symptoms and eliminate them, since the car runs so fine when the symptoms are not present!


Re: '93 Cavalier Performance Problems
Tuesday, October 10, 2017 10:55 PM
T!M8!T Online
I had a car that did similar things and turned out to be the gas i was using

ReD RaiN
Re: '93 Cavalier Performance Problems
Wednesday, October 25, 2017 11:55 AM
Try replacing the fuel filter.I might ponder on this some more and offer other ideas.

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