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2002 Ecotec 2.2l DOHC just died.
Tuesday, February 27, 2018 12:41 PM
My Passat broke so I stole my daughter's 2002 2.2L DOHC Ecotec automatic. We bought it used so I change all the filters & fluids. I did not touch the ignition or plugs as it ran fine. I have been driving it for about 2 months now without issue. I have used HP Tuners to tweak the trans shift points & the coastdown table & idle fueling but nothing major.

The other day I put 5 gallons of gas in it at home (yes it was really gas not diesel) & drove it the 2 tenths to the front gate. I got out & opened the gate but just as I got back in it died. I had not shifted into gear or touched either the brake or the gas peddle. It just died. Having experienced ignition issues that cause older electronic ignition cars to die & have had fuel pumps go out in 2 Cavaliers, Im familiar with those symptom so my 1st thought was ignition. Since I had ignition control modules on other Ecotec's & it is easily accessible I replaced the coil pack/control module with two other. Same issue. It does not even act like its trying to fire.

P0440 EVAP code but this is unrelated to the spark or main fuel system & its been there for almost a year.
Compression is 130 PSI to 150 PSI dry cold on #1-#3. #4 gave me 120 PSI the 1st time & 80-90 the next three time. Im assuming a broken ring in #4 but that should not cause it not to start. It should just run like crap. Thats an issue for another day.
Injector spray pattern looks good & all are even.
Fuel pressure is 55 PSI at key on prime & when cranking plus I hear the fuel pump.
Fuel filter has 4K on it so low mileage & above pressure means it should not be an issue.
No issues with HP Tuner reading or writing to the ECU plus its at least controlling the spark & fuel so I assume its good.

I was going to test the crank sensor but I could not find specifics on this sensor. The one I ohmed from another Echotec did not show what I expected from the YouTube video so I did not test the one on the broken car yet since its a bit tricky to get to.

Im stumped. Does anyone have any ideas?

Re: 2002 Ecotec 2.2l DOHC just died.
Tuesday, April 24, 2018 8:44 AM
I checked the crank sensor & the resistance is close to the other two I have.

I was going to drain the fuel just in case I did manage to put diesel in instead of gas so I hooked a hose to the fuel test port & jumper the fuel pump relay terminals. It is definitely gas & not diesel. At that point I decided not to drain the tank. The interesting thing I noticed is the fuel is very slow to come out of the hose. This makes me thing there may be a fuel pump volume issue.

Im still at a loss.
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