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odometer failing
Thursday, July 11, 2019 7:40 AM

So I've read a bunch of the threads on this and will continue to do so. I know it is a common problem. Everything is fine and works except that 2 days ago, my odometer display numbers are acting crazy like there is a very loose connection. Yes, I have tried, pounding, jiggling, pushing, banging, and every other sort of related action and it has not really seemed to have any direct correlation to the display behaving normally again. In fact, sometimes while I am doing all that - nothing happens, only to have it come back on by itself when nothing is going on. The humidity inside and outside the car has been off-the-charts like the Amazon Jungle over the last few weeks and the display failed right after I drove through a really heavy rainstorm on the highway. All areas of the dash, the plastic surrounding every knob, control, dimmer, etc is either already cracked or really brittle so I had to keep putting pressure on all of them. I saw the procedure for taking the dash apart and for replacing the cluster but have no plans on doing that since it is just the odometer that doesn't work. So my questions are: Is there any way to repair JUST the back-lit, orange-ish odometer LED issue without the entire cluster being involved? OR alternatively, is there a way to get the odometer reading on a regular, ongoing basis from the OBDII port instead?


Re: odometer failing
Saturday, July 13, 2019 6:54 AM

So last night, I continued to press and put pressure on every surrounding object and piece of anything that might touch the loose connection, and - I should have known this was going to happen and am kicking myself today - of course one of the few pieces of hard, brittle black plastic that wasn't already cracked and broken......the curved section that is outside the clear plastic covering the gauges and above them all - shattered into a bunch of crap.

What a pain in the a**.
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