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Boosted 2001 2.4l cav
Thursday, June 16, 2016 8:17 PM
Hello guys, i'm new to "building" motors and cars, i do have alot of people around me that know there way around motors. Anyways.... l
Im looking to boost my 2001 2.4l cav. Either turbo or supercharger. In your opinions would you turbo or supercharge? And what would be best for least amount of upgrading internals? I know that the 2.4l motors are better because of the beefed up points in them. Parts lists etc. would be helpful. Thank you

Re: Boosted 2001 2.4l cav
Friday, June 17, 2016 12:35 PM
You can do either without upgrading internals.

Supercharger is likely easier as they have the GM M45 kit.

With either tuning is the key to having success.

It comes down to what you really want out of the car.

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Re: Boosted 2001 2.4l cav
Wednesday, June 22, 2016 5:48 AM
Id prefer a turbo just because ive always loved the spool sound and proformance out of them. I can live with doing extra work to put one on. What would be general parts list id need for one. Its pretty obv that i need the turbo, intercooler, pipeing, and manifold. This would be my first turbo build. So im not 100% sure on everything i nees in total. Again thanks for the help
Re: Boosted 2001 2.4l cav
Wednesday, June 22, 2016 11:06 AM
Redd214 wrote:

i have posted this list many many times but of course people dont know how to use the search button and this topic is asked damn near daily. MODS PLEASE STICKY THIS THREAD!!!!!!!!!! credit goes to SunfighterGT for the list. everyone feel free to add to it a u see fit. this list is in no way all inclusive but should give people some ideas for a custom turbo kit. thanx for looking.

The GENERAL list for a turbo'd J is this:

Turbo (generally a T3 or T3/T4 will do)
Wastegate (Internal or external)
Turbo downpipe Flange
Bolts for turbo and downpipe flange
Braided oil lines with fittings
2.5" Pipe for charge pipes
Connectors and clamps for pipes
BOV and flange
FMU (I'd go cartech adjustable personally)
Bigger Injectors (if you plan to run over 6lbs of boost)
Inline/In tank pump
Boost controller (I'd go Greddy Profec)
MSD-DIS 2 (To turn back timing if you want anything over 6bs really)
TB Plenum
Lots of misc vaccum hose
Rubber Fuel lines for FPR
Oil and oil filter (for the obvious reason)
Gasket sealer
Air filter
Intercooler (optional, but worth it)
Some spare metal brackets for custom mounting the Intercooler
Misc bolts (self tapping), and Nut/bolt combos
Gauge pod
Boost Gauge, EGT gauge (optional but smart to have one)
(If you have a profec boost controller the boost gauge is unnecessary as its built in)

A good toolset capable of taking the manifold off
Knife for mild cutting
Sawzall if you plan to cut your own charge pipes
File (in case you need to cut anything and don't want a sharp edge)
Dremel tool (You never know when you need to make room for things, although a good blade and a file will do the same job, but slower)
Drill (To mount your I/C and tap your firewall bolts)
Wire cutters/splicers
Oil Catch Pan

4-5 cases of beer, a weeks worth of time, and a lot of willing and capable friends.

LOTS AND LOTS of patience.

As mentioned, before you start the install, make sure you have a couple of hundred bucks and an extra car so you can run around and get all the extra crap you didn't think about the first time around. Problems arise that we don't all plan for.

Never plan that you'll "be done in time to hit the track friday night"... a turbo install is not something you rush, but something that CAN be done over a weekend by knowledgable person. I say give yourself a week because you never know what problems you'll run into.

Also, the last thing on your list to save some $$$ for and DO NOT SKIMP ON IT is a dynotune with a wideband 02 sensor hooked up.

The dynotune is of unparalleld importance when trying to get a turbo car set up right.

Good luck. This is what I've pieced together over the span of about 3 weeks of learning about turbos and how to install them. I'm not far off, I don't think.

I pulled that off the sticky in the boost forum idk if it will quote right but that's the general parts list
its the sticky called "PARTS LIST FOR A CUSTOM TURBO KIT" so you can read the whole forum and it will most likely answer any other questions you have

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