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The following are various modifications which can be performed on J-body automobiles. Some are simple, while others require careful attention and a lot of time. The number of "wrenches" next to each item signifies the difficulty level of the modification, up to a maximum of four "wrenches".

Always take appropriate safety precautions when working on your car, which includes using jack stands to support your car while working underneath it, disconnecting the battery when working with the electrical system, and wearing the appropriate safety gear.

3rd Generation

Fog Lights + High Beams
Installing clear corner lenses
Disabling DRL
Installing White Face Gauges
Removing the Dash
Y2K Clear Corner Lights

Tuner Tube Removal (2.4L Engine only)
IAT Relocation
Cooling Fan Override Modification
Performance Pulley Installation
Unorthodox Pulley Installation


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