Premium Membership

Being a member of the GM Enthusiast Network and has always been, and will always be free. However, due to the costs to keep a site like this running, we needed to take steps to stay in operation. Our solution, which not only allows us to stay in operation, but also allows for the expansion of this site, the network, and it's content, is to add an optional Premium Membership.

Though all areas of the site are open for all members to access, some areas may be limited. For standard members the message boards have a monthly post limit. The classifieds also have post restrictions. These restrictions are subject to change in the future, though basic membership will always be free.


If helping to support this site and organization is not good enough, there are other benefits as well. Premium members will have full unrestricted access to every part of this site. There are no restrictions on posting in the forums. Premium members also have more room to store photos in their profile. Additional premium membership benefits will also be added in the future, as this site continues to grow.

Your premium membership is valid on all sites within the GM Enthusiast Network.

How Much?

The cost of one full year of premium membership is only $19.99 US.

Memberships are also available on a month-to-month basis at $1.99 per month. You may pay for multiple months by changing the quantity in the shopping cart window. Please be aware that this option may not include some premium-only specials that may be offered from time to time.

Premium membership is non-recurring. In order to extend your premium membership you will need to return to this page to purchase it again. If you are already a premium member you don't have to wait until it expires. Your purchase will be added on to your existing membership.

What Isn't Included

Consider this the disclaimer - Premium membership does not mean that the rules don't apply. All site rules, terms of service and privacy policy apply equally to non-members, members and premium members alike. A major violation of the rules, which would cause someone to be restricted from the site, apply to everyone alike. If someone gets themselves banned, the membership fee is not refundable, sorry. We're just trying to be fair to everyone.



Ready to help?

If you are already a member of GME, read through the details and are ready to help out, please log in and re-visit this page. In this area you will see an "add to cart" button which will add one Premium Membership to your PayPal GME shopping cart.

If you are not yet a member, you can sign up for a free membership here. After you have been approved, you can upgrade to a premium membership by logging in and visiting this page again.